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Timber Harvesting


Central Mass Tree Inc. is your tree removal, land clearing, timber harvesting, and firewood company in our second decade of service to the Central Massachusetts area and beyond.


Looking to make some extra money? Do you have acreage with great trees? We harvest timber and we will pay you! We do logging and we’ll pay for your wood.

We regularly service customers in area communities, but are always looking for new customers from your community. Please call us for a free estimate. We can answer any questions about timber value on your property as well as chapter 61 work (forest management plans, tsi work (timber standard improvement), or talk with your about your private preferences on the future value of your forest.


We take the time to understand your specific needs and provide you with professional and quality service, regardless of the size, vegetation, or location of your site. Our forest-friendly harvesting method utilizes the whole tree as well as all cut and chip trees to better the stand of timber for the next harvesting. All material removed is chipped and/or utilized to improve the health, safety, and overall appearance of the property. This leaves the forest bed ready to yield new seedling instead of taking 4 to 10 years to rot-erode the “slash” from a conventional logging operation.

We meet all requirements for Chapter 61 Plans, Stewardship, Forest and any TSI (Timber Stand Improvement) work

For a free timber cruise or to consult about existing plans or TSI work, please give us a call at (978) 423-2889


Timber Harvesting – How to make money from your timber!

We make the whole process smooth and easy…


  1. You contact us and ask some questions
  2. You contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting at your site
  3. Exchange of plot plans, deeds, gps locations, any pertinent information about boundary lines, wetlands, or associations.
  4. Visual assessment of timber value to determine if it is cost effective for the land owner to go forward with the project.
  5. Timber cruise to determine the stumpage volume and value of the timber to be harvested.
  6. Filing of cutting plan with the DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation), notification of all abutting land owners and local conservation committee(s), and wait for approval. Note: All timber harvesting activities in the state of Massachusetts are overseen by the DCR and are frequently visited by State of Massachusetts service foresters during the job.
  7. Actual cutting of the trees
  8. Payment is made to you based upon the agreement made with you prior to the commencement of the project. Often, you get a lump sum prepayment before the job starts.