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You just had firewood delivered, now what is the best way to store it?

The best answer to the question is to stack it in an organized pile far outside your home or building! Am I reading this right? …Here is why

Finding the Best Place to Store Firewood

Knowing where to stack your firewood is as important as knowing how to stack it. Some people like the convenience of stacking and storing their firewood in the house.

This is not the recommended place to store firewood for one reason: when carrying firewood into your home, you may bring in some unwanted guests.

Unless you want spiders, mice, ants, termites, or a number of other pests crawling around your home,keep the wood outside.


Other tips for determining the perfect place to stack your firewood:

  • Select a dry, breezy area of your property
  • Keep wood about 15-20 feet from your house to prevent pests from entering

Angle your wood pile against prevailing winds, so that the drying breezes will blow through the stack and hit the length of the wood. An open shed that gives this ventilation but also protects the wood from the rain is also ideal. Unless you are in a particularly humid area, wood can be left uncovered during spring and summer as the sun and wind will help to dry it out.

where should i store my firewood

Properly Stacking Firewood

If you’re using pallets and stakes, place the pallet on the ground and hammer the stakes in on each corner. Be sure the stakes are close enough together to keep the firewood from rolling off the sides, and pile your wood on top of the pallets to keep it raised off the ground a bit for better air flow and less moisture.

If you’re using a firewood rack, simply set it in place and begin stacking your wood, ends facing front and back, until you’ve reached an even four feet in height all the way across.

proper stacking of firewood

COVER Your Firewood!

Besides that, wet firewood can attract termites. Can you imagine the army of termites pouring out of the firewood and scattering all over the fireplace. To cover your logs, you can use metal roof that reduce moisture more quickly from the wood or DIY a shed that gives ventilation

how to properly cover firewood