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Key Benefits for Barkless Firewood

Our debarked firewood is made from first cut selected harvested firewood. It is straight grained and stacks up tighter. You get more wood per cord with less air space. Our premier Massachusetts seasoned firewood sits cut and split on pavement at our facility for 14 months in a teepee configuration, thus lowering the moisture content and giving you more BTUs (more heat) out of the wood. Thus our debarked firewood is an overall BETTER VALUE!

This year we are offering barkless firewood as well as our standard high grade firewood. Debarked firewood has many advantages to the homeowner including:

  • less bugs
  • cleanliness
  • drying time
  • less mold spores
  • less ash to clean out of your stove or fireplace
  • better burn time

Debarked firewood is the finest wood on the market, providing easy burning fires and maximum Btu’s.

If you are looking for Massachusetts premier firewood from Central Mass Tree Inc., just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any firewood questions you may have. Our goal is now, and has always been, keeping long-term customers by offering a superior product.

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