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02 Nov 2022

Energy costs are expected to skyrocket

WINCHENDON — At Central Mass Tree in Winchendon, cutting machines, loaders, and dumps trucks are at full throttle, feverishly trying to keep up with the high demand for firewood.


“It’s pretty overwhelming, I’d say the flow is three or more times more than we saw it in past,” said owner Randy Rameau.

As energy costs skyrocket throughout the state, homeowners are watching their wallets. That’s why Rameau said his machines are going seven days a week.

“There’s no chance of keeping up with what we are up against now. We are doing the best we can to keep costs down for consumers,” he told WBZ-TV.

He offers his conventional barkless wood at a reasonable price because he knows homeowners will be struggling this winter.

31 Jul 2018

The value of debarked firewood

Central Mass Tree carries debarked firewood – a great value for you because you get more heating BTUs.

How it begins:   Firewood productions begins with the raw wood from a private woodlot or a logging site with processed logs delivered to the Central Mass Tree site.

The process:  Special equipment is used to remove the bark and a thin lawyer of wood

The benefits include:

  1. Less debris
  2. More wood per cord (remove the bark and there’s room for more wood)
  3. Less places for bugs to hide
  4. Faster Drying
  5. Cleaner Burning

Give Debarked firewood from Central Mass Tree a try.  You won’t be disappointed!   Call (978) 423-2889