Testimonials from our customers:

Central Mass Tree Inc. is your tree removal, land clearing, timber harvesting, and firewood company in our second decade of service to the Central Massachusetts area and beyond. We appreciate these kind comments from our customers and pledge to give you the same high level of service.

Unbelievable. Has worked for me 3 different times. Great job. Everything done was just right. Cut down 30 huge trees and had to bring them over the house with a crane. There from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. Guys were great to work with. Steve Bianco, Boylston
Removed 15 trees from my property, all 100 foot tall plus. It involved using a crane. What I can say is they were extremely professional, prompt. he showed up on time for the original quote, had written quote within 2 days, provided insurance without asking. Showed up on time the day trees were coming down. Incredibly efficient, and even exciting to watch. They did a very good job at cleanup, even raking the yard and picking up sawdust. The yard was cleaner when they left than when they came. Amazing. Highly recommended! They even moved my deck furniture for me. They even got on my deck with a leafblower and blew the stuff off my deck…. Judy Williams, Harvard.
I have a 165 lot subdivision in Ayer, I’ve built around 25 houses since spring of 08. Randy has cut all the roadways, easements, and specifically, we flag and surgically cut each individual house lot, thereby saving as many trees as possible. He is cooperative and flexible, shows up when he says he will. Pingryhillhomes.com is my website… Rick Roper…Ayer Crabtree Development LLC.
Due to the December 2008 ice storm, Randy was contracted to remove trees and hanging limbs around the pond in my backyard. He was very professional, had the right equipment to do the job, his workers were non-stop from 7 to 5 everyday. They cleaned up everything that they needed to. A very good value for the job they did. We have received alot of compliments from neighbors about how different and good the yard looks. Looks much better than before he started doing the work. Randy was very aware of how to work around wetlands. We had to go to the Conservation Committee and get permits for doing the work. He did a terrific job…. Phillip Palmer, Westminster.
Very pleased with his work…He removed 10 large trees with a crane. Neat, orderly, business-like, expeditiously did the work. Happy with the job… Mike Rolla, Hubbardston
Does a lot of work for us, does a great job, …Steve Powell, Powell Stone and Gravel
Absolutely was thrilled with the work, I had 3 crews come up my property, 3 very large tree crews, all said I needed a boom etc. Randy took out more trees in a day than the other guys said they could do. Randy was on the property at 8am, he was done at 1pm and had taken out 15 trees. Other companies said they couldn’t do more than 8 trees in a day. I am more than pleased. I don’t make recommendations, but I would recommend this guy in a heartbeat…Not too much impresses me, but these guys impressed me.. It was a tough one to do because the trees were surrounding my home, a man of his word. He said exactly what he would do and then he did it…. .Brian McKinley, Shrewsbury MA

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