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Mon-Sat: 07:00am - 5:00pm

Central Mass Tree Inc. is your tree removal, land clearing, timber harvesting, and firewood company in our second decade of service to the Central Massachusetts area and beyond.   View our video on our debarked firewood.

If you’re looking for select harvested timber (that’s not tree removal waste) call us. We feature absolutely the highest quality firewoo.

Central Massachusetts. We offer service to both residential and commercial customers in both retail and wholesale quantities from 1 cord to whatever! Call for immediate delivery!

We regularly service customers in area communities, but are always looking for new customers from your community. Please call us for a free estimate.

Buying your wood from us
(for your fireplace, stove, wood furnace, or outdoor wood boiler)

  • You get great wood.
  • You get the right size.
  • We stock 3 different lengths of firewood such as 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch and customize any size.
  • You get availability. Buy at the end of the summer to stock up for winter, or buy throughout the year. We keep a big inventory of seasoned and green wood.
  • You get any quantity. Our wood is sold by the cord (128 cubic feet stacked) We deliver to suit your quantity needs.
  • You get our expertise. We’ll advise you on how to store your firewood properly to get the most our of your purchase.

High quality firewood

Our own High-quality Barkless Firewood and Bark Mulch! processed by Central Mass Tree (offered direct to the consumer)  Central Mass Tree Inc. offers barkless firewood as well as our standard high grade firewood. Barkless firewood has many advantages to the homeowner including cleanliness, drying time, less mold spores, few bugs, less ash to clean out of your stove or fireplace, and better burn time. ( You will get higher temperatures because of the low moisture content)

Burning wood is a great way to keep warm with your wood burning stove or fireplace. Central Mass Tree Inc. distinguishes itself by providing only the highest quality firewood. Our wood comes to you ready to burn. Higher quality firewood is actually a better value because the higher BTU’s you get means burning less wood to achieve more heat. Central Mass Tree offers barkless firewood as well as standard high-grade firewood.

We sell firewood!